Who we are

Hi we are a startup put together by a group of friends to build what we need:  an app to solve our needs as music heads (⌐■_■)

At this first phase -currently on private beta-  Crates app  is an advanced music collection management tool and a player, for desktop and mobile.

What makes it different is that it offers a fresh user experience, enabling users to optimise the grooming of their collection while having their whole library available to their devices - synced privately in peer-2-peer fashion.

We say "this phase" because we have a very audacious vision of how the project will unfold: we plan to realise our ideas on offering exciting new approaches around music discovery, recommendation, social interaction or just plain cool features! 

All that while respecting creators and embedding strong ethics on the product from the grounds-up. Here's what we believe in:

  • Privacy by default
  • User should own and control access to their data
  • Optimise for delightful user experience  - not for profit
  • Honesty & fairness - no backdoor exploitation. not selling user data -

Who we are looking for

- You are a passionate music lover - you live and breathe music. You will be Top user and Maker at the same time.

- You are ambitious and you want to move fast 

- You are good technically but most importantly you know how to get the right things done

- You are opinionated but open, positive & motivated 

( if these sound like you - ping us to connect regardless!)

What we offer

  • one of the most motivating products to work for -
    the one where the one moment you think ”oh we should have that" or "this is not optimal" and you can go ahead and fix it overnight yourself
  • ability to make a real change in how people interact with their music 

  • Experiment with cool new technologies that solve user problems & needs. Out stack currently is Java (BE), Electron & Angular (FE) & Swift for mobile (but want Android asap too). We also aim to be using blockchain for the social features. 
  • best audience to build for: your fellow music heads,  djs, radio producers, record stores
  • work remotely from anywhere - we are results oriented
  • generous Equity %  - the more you contribute the more you OWN part of the company -and we are early stage ;)