Elsewhere is a live music venue, nightclub, and arts space, housed in a converted warehouse in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Elsewhere lives by an ethos of creative risk-taking, progressive music programming, respect for all people and art, and a desire to support and grow the communities that make it all possible.

Elsewhere has multiple performance spaces, a large rooftop, a gallery, a loft lounge, and an outdoor courtyard. We also operate a seasonal art program called Landscape.

Elsewhere is not a traditional music venue or night club. Our mission is to shift emerging culture in New York. That means cultivating an audience across genres, both in live and electronic music settings, and in the physical / digital arts. Elsewhere is built for the true culture fanatics, but we are not exclusive. We are about community, creativity, and collaboration, and seek to marry best practices in independent arts, hospitality, and business management. We are hard working and diligent, yet professional and kind, towards each other, our audience, and our artists. There is no place for rudeness, nepotism, or subpar performance and of course, no misconduct of any kind whatsoever.

Please reach out if you're up for the challenge.