Deepdrive is a next-generation online store and discovery website for underground electronic music. We’re on a mission to create fun new ways to find great music, and an immersive online listening experience that helps producers and labels get paid fairly for their work. 

What sets us apart is a novel way to search for music based on how it sounds, how it makes people feel, or what people imagine while listening. Descriptions are contributed by our community, making possible deep searches such as “glittering synth arpeggios”, “meditative atmosphere”, or “deep sea exploration”.

Our intuitive music discovery tools connect DJs and listeners with music that fits their taste or mood, regardless of genre, and gives them easy options to buy it as a high-quality download and unlock unlimited streaming.

We’re headquartered in Tokyo and our team is distributed across the globe. We’re looking for driven individuals who want to help support our mission with everything they’ve got.