Papaya Playa Group

In December 2011, we ventured to conceive a destination in paradise along the Mexican Caribbean coast on what we now call Papaya Playa Project. We created a space for like-minded, creative individuals to unwind and connect with self and nature.

Papaya Playa Group has set out to discover a new form of hospitality, merging local culture, and sustainability to set the stage for authentic and aspirational hospitality experiences. Most importantly as a cornerstone in the manifestation of our vision of sustainable and responsible experiences that can be an example of hospitality development worldwide.

We create places that immerse you in the power and magic of nature and local culture, places where community, creativity, passion, innovation, sustainability, and inner inquiry prevail all else. Places that nurture the mind, body, and soul, where creativity becomes second nature in this highly influential and international community surrounding you, creating bonds that would not develop elsewhere.