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Lassu Booking and management background includes twenty years in the music business with an emphasis in the fields of concerts, festivals, special events, production and promotion, artist management, and corporate events.

As a booking agent, we worked with international promoters, and booking agencies to negotiate and secure performances for our clients.  Specifically in North America.

Concerts - we have  booked many concerts, supplied talent, production, logistics, organization, and execution of the most well-known international artists including Marc Anthony, Kenny Loggings, Juan Gabriel, Marco Antonio Solis, Banda MS, Britney Spears, Giorgia Fumanti, Arina Domski, Aerosmith, IL Divo, and many more. 

Tour Manager- we executed artist logistics on tour including, coordinating all communications with artist and booking agent, tour routing, transportation, hospitality, venue bookers, security, sponsor, deposits, commission, etc. 

 Non-Profit - The constant evolution of the owner of Lassu Booking & Management,                "Emma Salamanca", created a social shift; a nonprofit organization “HAZ LA DIFERENCIA“. For over nineteen years, the Organization has been helping 1000’s of Underrepresented children, youth, and adults.  We do this by providing financial assistance, education programs, mentorship and counseling programs, and essential resources to support their future. (Both National and International.

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Emma Salamanca

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