Sound Shelter

Sound Shelter is a vinyl marketplace that gives AI-powered, personalised music recommendations, and connects records buyers with independent record stores selling the records they want.

- For record diggers, it's a way to discover and buy records from the best stores, big or small.

- For record shops, Sound Shelter is a place to market and sell your records to over thousands of music lovers from all over the world who may not have heard of your store previously.

We have real-time stock-check connections with several of the best record stores in UK, EU and USA, so we can instantly tell you a store that has the vinyl in stock.

We specialise in underground electronic music, but support all genres in our inventory of over 113,000 vinyl releases (all with audio clips). We’ve recently done chart collaborations with high-profile DJs Levon Vincent, Insolate, Patrice Scott, Kai Alce and Norm Talley.