Electronci Music Tirana

Short description of EMT foundation Inspired by passion for this artistic direction, Gerti Loshi created this group which gave another direction to the artistic music life through the country. During 2007-2010, after a colossal work promoting our ideas and concepts, we organised our first electronic events with the name of EMT "Electronic Music Tirana". There were a lot of difficulties because this was an unknown market for most of the artists in Balkan. With some contacts, this foundation started to move and became a tradition to most of the youth. Modest places or mini-clubs, but always well-decorated were the first "welcome" to the supporters of EMT "Electronic Music Tirana" and to the electronic music fans. First artists who got promoted were from Kosovo, Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Canada, England,Canada,Latvia, Serbia and Greece, and relations were full of artistic passion. In 2014 the team became a group of youth in foundation, which would invest in musical events such as festivals, concerts etc