We believe a Polaroid photograph has the power to shake the world. From our refurbished vintage Polaroid cameras to the Polaroid Lab, we create beautiful tools to ground you in the here and now. Today, we’re over 300 people in Amsterdam, Enschede, Monheim, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New York, and Shanghai all committed to making life-enriching products that bring people together.

Polaroid photography has been used and loved by musicians, artists and photographers since 1974 to capture their adventures, their eccentricity, their realities. As Polaroid democratised photography and artistic expression, it became an integral part of music culture, being featured on countless album covers, and sung in thousands of songs to evoke a feeling of moments and feelings captured, through today. At Polaroid we have always embraced this mutual love. Our passion for music is inherent in our young team of engineers, designers, scientists, curators and storytellers, and we have turned this passion into a mission to bring love back to the music experience.

Bringing love back to the music experience to us means focusing on the music, taking away distractions, going back to a pure experience. That’s why we designed colourful, playful and fun speakers with new functionality that reduce the need to go to your phone, and offer a free radio listening service that is human curated by music experts, isn’t skippable, and is intended as a rich source of music immersion and discovery. The variety and design of our speakers is also intentional, to suit different uses, spaces, and moods