Lost Village is a highly unique 4-day experience that engulfs festival-goers in a surreal world located in the heart of an abandoned forest. A network of winding woodland pathways leads curious minds amongst a vast array of interconnected, immersive environments, ranging from hidden rooms that only few shall discover and music spaces such as The Junkyard, Airbase and Jupiter Park — through to restaurants and chef’s table experiences headed up by Michelin starred chefs to comedy, talks, workshops and beautiful high quality bars.

We approach every part of the Lost Village experience in the pursuit of perfection and with an obsession for detail. Whilst the super visual and experiential side of Lost Village is always on show, behind the scenes we are equally devoted to the meticulous execution of infrastructural organisation, event planning and overall customer experience.

In short, we’re hyper-focused on creating the best festival experience we possibly can and constantly keep Lost Village patrons in the front of our mind, as we strive to deliver an exceptional experience that leaves no stone unturned.

Did I mention we’re passionate?