What we do FUGA operates a technology and services platform for the music industry. We have years of experience in digital distribution, rights management, retail marketing and royalty processing. Our mission is to create a level playing field for the independent music industry.

Our distribution platform FUGA offers a cutting-edge content delivery service which allows our partners to benefit from our industry-leading delivery platform, in-house distribution partnerships and dedicated services team – such as catalogue migration, tech support, strategy consultation and marketing and promotion to enable our clients to maximize their digital market reach,independently. Our customers operate our platform directly or indirectly from their own database via XML or API integration. We offer daily refreshed sales trends & analytics per region and per DSP, since recently extended with Spotify and Apple playlist data.

Royalty Accounting tool Completes the circle by massively simplifying financial admin and providing an all in one sales & reporting tool. Designed specifically for the music industry, web based and auto-synched with clients’ FUGA catalogue. Maximum flexibility – direct or aggregated; digital or physical; all currencies; custom reports; import and export to other reporting tools. 

Aggregation & Marketing & Promotions FUGA offer retail marketing strategy and support, tailored to the client’s KPIs, to maximise target engagement, fan-base dedication and visibility. We have marketing and services representation across the globe with offices in Amsterdam/Benelux, London, New York, and Milan to representatives in France, L.A., South America and Asia, to ensure that unique markets are locally penetrated at all major digital service providers (DSP’s).

Neighbouring Rights We offer management, delivery, collection and administration of neighbouring rights at all key Performance Rights Organisations (PRO’s).