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London-based music promoter and event producer. Rooted in collaboration, we look to challenge the assumptions around temporary events.

Nov 30, 2023
Full time
Assembled Live Shoreditch, London, UK
Background: GALA GALA is an independent festival built on the principles of inclusivity, community and true escapism. Founded in 2016 with a capacity of 3000 - the festival has grown organically yet significantly and in 2024 we will welcome 30,000 people to Peckham Rye Park across three days. The festival is perhaps best known for having considered stage design, crisp sound, slick programming and a seamless delivery. Every stage at GALA has a sense of intimacy that is rarely found at London festivals, and we are proud to have cultivated a loyal community of followers through the consistency of our bookings and musical offering. The narrative of the festival is centred around a celebration of dance music’s lineage and our programming, whilst becoming ever more expansive and forward-thinking, has always been anchored by legendary figures of dance music.   In 2024 we are also hoping to expand our programme with two -...