Circulate is an award-winning digital marketing agency working across the spectrum of music and culture.

Current clients include Circoloco, Kappa Futur Festival, Mochakk, Loco Dice, MDL Beast, Universal Music, Polydor and Virgin Music.

Our Story

We forge digital moments.

What is a digital moment, we hear you say? It’s more real than it sounds. Our clients often have very tangible dreams of selling out events or making music that impacts worldwide, but a more abstract sense of those products’ image and stories.

We get that, and that’s where we help out: our mission is to connect that raw artistic energy with those who experience it from their phones and laptops. That requires visionary design, a creative, conceptual understanding of the client’s product and psyche, and the technical nous to drive it home. With our eclectic range of content and advertising know-how, artists and brands start to truly forge their identity and make their mark on the digital world.