Labyrinth Events

Labyrinth was founded in early 2017 by Nick Castleman and started as a series of Thursday evening dances at West London's Notting Hill Arts Club. Since then the events have grown to fill some of London's leading venues in E1, Loft Studios, Village Underground, The Steelyard, Ministry of Sound and more. 

The parties are now run and curated jointly by Michael Dicks and Nick Castleman.

Labyrinth focuses on showcasing the record labels, artists and communities that we believe to be pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance music. 

We work with these record labels, artists and brands to curate event experiences that allow them to exhibit their talents in the most interesting way possible. 

As London's nightlife becomes increasingly competitive, it takes thinking differently to build something that is truly unique and that's what we stand for at Labyrinth - a fanatical level of attention to every detail of the event and creating a dance experience that's much more than your typical night out.