Alma Art


Blockchain and NFTs are dramatically changing the landscape for traditional, siloed entertainment businesses, creating new opportunities not seen since the introduction of the Internet 30 years ago. Distinctions between collectibles and art, between art and events, between events and communities, between communities and markets, are quickly being erased. We have already seen events where you have to own a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT to have access to tickets, and tickets that convert into collectible NFTs after an event, and digital art sales for millions of dollars entirely happening through Discord communities.

So far these opportunities have been addressed in a disjointed fashion, as user awareness is spotty, and technologies are immature and hard to use. Crypto geeks and newly minted crypto wealth have been the primary focus, leaving out the larger consumer market.

Alma is looking at this landscape holistically, and brings it all together in a one-of-a-kind digital ecosystem at the intersection of art and music, online and offline, experience and commerce. Leveraging the experience of it’s founders in the creative, lifestyle, event and technology spaces, it’s building a highly sophisticated, consumer friendly, digital hub empowering artists, creators, promoters, collectors and music lovers alike and rewarding them in perpetuity.

Just like Apple created a phone that was not only easy-to-use, but also synergistically brought together a mobile phone, an ipod, and an internet communication device, Alma brings together ticketing, digital art, collectibles, and community, in one easy-to-use closed loop system that creates loyalty and long term value for all participants; The siloed entertainment businesses joined together by the latest technologies in blockchain, NFTs, smart contracts, and crypto currencies.


Alma is a genuinely disruptive early-stage technology company driven by a passion for art, a love of music and a desire to transform the way people interact with and consume their creative passions.

A pioneering ‘mixed art’ e-marketplace, Alma is seeking to reinvent the global Art and Music industries by utilising innovative technologies to provide solutions for some of the key problems the industry currently faces. The founders have built an ecosystem to drive traffic to Alma’s e-marketplace and ensure the circulation of its blockchain-based Alma token.

As a digital hub, Alma champions emerging artists, connects them with art enthusiasts from across the globe, and fosters a creative community of like-hearted people. It’s a place of neverending discovery and a heaven for artists, collectors, music creators, and fans.

Online or offline? Why not both? Alma blurs the lines between digital and live events to empower the next generation of art and music lovers to find, share and experience what they love - anywhere.

Founded by an impressive collection of serial entrepreneurs in the Creative, Lifestyle and Technology spaces, and supported by some heavyweight names in the world of Arts, Music, Consulting and Finance, it has a heady mix of relevant expertise at hand to support the business, as well as significant access to capital.

At the moment, the art marketplace is not sufficiently well-served, and many of the opportunities on offer, such as mixed art and NFTs, are not being adequately targeted. With the online art marketplace expected to account for 20% of all art sales within the decade, there is a lot of potential to be seized.

Alma’s mixture of disruptive concepts, access to capital, branding, UX/UI and tech adoption are just some of the things that mark it out as having a keen advantage in the art and music e-marketplace space.

The platform, which is currently undergoing a soft beta launch, is built on a series of pillars: a community-driven social network for art and music lovers; a general art, music and mixed-art e- marketplace; and a platform that provides an end-to-end transactional ecosystem for festival and concert organisers, all underpinned by the security and advantages of blockchain technology.

All art and music on the platform will be curated. Artists will be given four or five different ways to ‘drop’ their work, with the curators approving submissions before they are dropped for auction, and each drop scheduled and targeted to achieve maximum impact and value.

Alma has reached agreements with a number of top-level musical and visual artists to curate content, focussed on high-end artists native to digital mediums, leading to a differentiated consumer experience and making Alma the go-to for the best art and artists.

With Alma, artists will be given the maximum levels of flexibility to distribute their work, via NFTs, in the form they want to. Collectors will be able to engage privately with artists and galleries, and fine art collectors introduced to NFT acquisition through targeted drops from renowned artists.

The company is built around cutting-edge technology, including state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting measures, and will continue to be front-end adopters of any future technology that helps fulfil their vision and brings value to the Alma community (for example VR or other interactive experiences).

The business is primarily centred around digital art and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). In addition, in a further ground-breaking 360 play Alma is already using blockchain through the Alma app to revolutionise the payment and ticketing ecosystems for live events (primarily in the music industry), providing advantageous base revenues. The use of the app in this way will also serve to attract new customers to the social marketplace, as festival and concert-goers will be able to interact with the mixed-art elements of the app, and then promote it to a wider audience.