Donner Music

Donner is quickly becoming a leading digital enterprise for musical technology. With teams in the U.S, China, and Germany, Donner sets out to bring inspiration and innovation to the world of music. Our purpose is to help consumers to gear up for their musical dreams by creating playable and playful products.

We listen to global consumers’ demands and design the products to meet those demands. Our instruments and accessories have gained international media exposure, including the Red Dot Design Award, European Product Design Award, and Design Intelligence Award.

The name “Donner” traces back to the German word "Thunder," symbolizing the brand’s innovation. Our logo is called the ‘Pulse’. It represents the moment when sound and human emotion connect.

The Donner App is changing the way music students learn. Featuring a smart curriculum, a vibrant musical community, and lessons from some of the most talented musicians from the greatest music schools around the world, Donner is bringing a world-class musical education directly to your phone.

Using any of the Donner Smart Musical Instruments, you can connect seamlessly to the Donner educational content through the app, and really kickstart your journey to musical excellence and face-melting chops. The app also lets you record your progress to share with the community of other music students and aspiring musicians, edit rhythm and pitch to polish up those videos for prime time. Donner is building an open and supportive atmosphere for a sustainable and innovative learning community.