Oxi Event GmbH

Berlin-based electronic music venue. 

Oxi Event GmbH Berlin, Germany
Oct 05, 2021
Full time
Overview: We are searching for a proactive and nightlife-savvy person to manage all aspects of the Bar at OXI. You will be responsible for the conceptualisation of our Drink’s offering, creating structure, ensuring smooth operations and being a mentor for the rest of the service/bar team. You should be a representative of OXI to our guests. Location: OXI Garten, Wiesenweg Responsibilities: Managerial Responsibilities Manage business aspects of the bar - e.g. purchasing, managing budgets, inventory management, creating loss-reports (should vs. actual) and mitigate losses Process Management - create efficient processes and procedures that staff can follow to ensure smooth operations and be responsible that these processes are executed properly Shift scheduling - ensure the bar & runners are well staffed during peak hours, not over-staffed during off hours and that shift-times are properly tracked in our systems. Conflict Management -...