Artist MGMT & Bookings working with under- represented female and LGBTQ+ artists.
Techno | Ro-Minimal | Slow Motion | Nu-Disco | Trance | Experimental

Apr 09, 2024
e•SOUNDS Hybrid
We are a Management and Booking team representing  female  and  queer  artists worldwide. We believe in their music taste and they are still widely underrepresented. We are seeking DJs and LIVE sets of: Techno Ro-Minimal Slow Motion/Downtempo Nu-Disco Trance Experimental Your sound is our mark, and our brand is your vibe. We work on an  exclusivity  deal and we do NOT accept independent artists. TO BE CONSIDERED , please send us your music to francesco@esounds.live AREA: We are based in London, with a global scope STARTING TIME: We only contact the artists we are interested in. Initially, there is a 3 months trial where we plan our objectives and see how we get on. Here, we only require to agree via email. At the end of this period we sign the official agreement, after the negotiation of our legal representations. Bonus Info: We do not discriminate any gender or sexual orientation....