Kremwerk-Timbre Room Complex

The Kremwerk - Timbre Room - Cherry Complex is a queer-centric nightclub and live music venue.

We opened our doors in 2014 and have been a hub for the most eclectic and alternative drag programming along with progressive electronic music from around the globe.

May 30, 2022
Full time
Kremwerk-Timbre Room Complex Seattle, WA, USA
FULL-TIME OR PART-TIME The Kremwerk & Timbre Room & Cherry Complex is a nightclub & music venue located in Seattle, WA centered around underground electronic music and queer culture. We are looking for new team members to join our security team.     RESPONSIBILITIES Work the door checking ID’s and vaccination cards, managing the line, etc.   Float around club ensuring safety of clubgoers   Occasional bar-back and janitorial duties   Work with team to make sure our nightclub runs smoothly!   QUALIFICATIONS Security experience preferred, but we are willing to train the right people!   Kremwerk is a queer nightlife environment that frequently hosts drag shows and performances by artists of various sexualities and gender identities. A good candidate for this job is someone who is comfortable working with people of many different backgrounds and identities and maintains a respectful and...