AVA Festival & Up Productions

UP Productions is an experiential design company specialising in large scale live event, curation, production design, festival and conference creation. The core goal of the company is to instigate innovation, collaborate with artistic talent and develop culture through creative arts, music, design and discussion.

UP Productions founded AVA, the Audio Visual Arts Festival & Conference in 2015, with its two distinct branches; the International Showcase Festival, operating as a paid-ticketed event and the industry and community focused conference and free fringe events operating as a not-for-profit. The past five years have seen AVA grow from a one day, one venue 1,500 capacity showcase to today’s four day, 12,000+ attendees, multi-venue celebration of Audio-Visual Arts; in Belfast and in London with the capital’s leading conference, alongside satellite events in Mumbai, Amsterdam, Dublin, Glasgow and an online audience of over 15 million viewers globally.

AVA earned the title of 'The most innovative Electronic Music Festival' by the Irish Times, a 'Cultural Catalyst' by the Independent and 'Europe's Smartest Young Festival' by RA.
UP has worked with leading International artists, brands, industry leaders and cultural institutions, including SxSW, ADE, Orbital, Soundcloud, Abbey Road Recording Studios, Boiler Room, Red Bull Music, Broadwick Live and many more.