London Sound Academy

London Sound Academy is an electronic music academy with various studios in London. 

London Sound Academy London, UK
Sep 02, 2019
We are looking for a new freelance DJ and Production tutor to join our growing team at London Sound Academy. Working from our East London studio near Bethnal Green the tutor will be teaching one-to-one lessons including our full DJ course on Rekordbox, CDJs and Turntables and our full music production course on Logic and/or Ableton.  This is a freelance role so hours will vary but we are looking to replace a tutor who was working on average 30 hours a week.  You must meet the following requirements to apply for this position.  1. Valid UK work permit pre and post-Brexit.  2. Experience teaching.  3. Many years of experience as a DJ and producer with notable success stories.  4. Full understanding of Rekordbox, Pioneer CDJs, and turntables.  5. Full understanding of Logic or Ableton, ideally both.  6. Able to work weekdays and weekends on rotation.  7. Exceptional English language skills.  8. Exceptional punctuality.