Space Epoch Productions


Space Epoch Productions main focus is to independently promote and process through the following:

Space Epoch Productions presents CYBERSPACE WORLD featuring INTELLIGENT AGENT              
(An Independent Digital DJ Performer): CYBERSPACE WORLD is
the Club-Venue CONCERT Theme PROMOTION Names for EDM Club Events, which are independently promoted at different CLUB-VENUE Concert LOCATIONS throughout Southern California, which includes Los Angeles, CA and/or Hollywood, CA!

Intelligent Agent is an Independent EDM Performer and An Independent Digital DJ Performer that independently manages An Independent Multimedia Production called SPACE EPOCH PRODUCTIONS: SPACE EPOCH PRODUCTIONS independently produces, promotes and markets different EDM TRACKS through An Independent Record Label called GLOBAL MODULATION RECORDS: Through GLOBAL MODULATION RECORDS, Intelligent Agent independently promotes and independently produces Creative EDM Performers and/or Independent Digital DJ Performers that independently perform through music technology products: SPACE EPOCH PRODUCTIONS also independently promotes different EDM CLUB Events called CYBERSPACE WORLD: SPACE EPOCH PRODUCTIONS Main Goal and Objective is to independently promote and produce Creative EDM Talent within the International Globe that exist throughout the UNIVERSE!!

CYBERSPACE WORLD is dedicated to EDM CLUBBERS that independently support the Independent EDM Industry, which EDM GENRES includes Electro, Electro House, Techno, House, Dirty Sexy HOUSE, Trance, Progressive House, Tech House, Ambient Pop, Minimal EDM Genres and Alternative Dance Music: Through CYBERSPACE WORLD, many exciting EDM CLUB EVENTS will be independently promoted at EDM CLUB LOCATIONS within Los Angeles, CA-Hollywood, CA, which will then be digitally video recorded-digitally edited and later independently streamed throughout the International WORLD that exists in the UNIVERSE.