Femnøise was born to give a concrete solution to the scarce presence of women, trans and non binary artists in the electronic music industry. We were first born as a collective, but we realized that the solution is not just activism and must go one step further: the opening of businesses for the huge number of women in the industry.

That’s way we generate Femnøise Booking Agency through which we are allowed to generate business for those artists who apply to join the movement, and thus fight for the realization of fair and reliable agreements. During the course and due to the repercussion of the project, we began to receive hundreds and hundreds of requests from women from all over the world so that we could represent them. It was then that we decided to go one step further and create Femnøise APP and Femnøise Record Label, both of which will see the light at the beginning of 2020.

Currently, we are working to consolidate our bases in musical activism and through it project the musical career of -today- 16 artists of different genres within electronic music and from different parts of Spain and the World.

We are active members of the international network Female:Pressure that with more than 21 years of activism manages to generate year after year concrete statistics of the presence of women in the scene, all compiled in its FACT report published every two years.

At the same time we are part of She Said So and we are in connection and collaboration with different networks and collectives around the globe.