Goodlive! Our company name says it all. When it comes to live events that make you feel right at home, we mean business: once a year, we turn a former surface mine into a futuristic festival landscape (Melt); we kept on believing in hip hop even when its second wave in Germany was still far from becoming a reality (splash!); we turned the historical Tempelhof Airport into a festival arena when no one else dared to (Berlin Festival); and we turned Berlin’s Treptower Park into one of Germany’s biggest festival sites (Lollapalooza) – leaving no speck of dust behind, of course. We book established top acts and the next generation of up-and-comers; we send The xx on tour, and, at the same time, have an eye on fresh new talents like LGoony. You haven’t heard of him? Then go and ask your daughters!

Our entire thinking starts with music and its associated one-of-a-kind live experience. However, it doesn’t end there. Alongside festivals and live events, we develop new products which create unforgettable visitors‘ experiences without ever losing sight of the economical factors involved. If the past years have proved anything it’s that live entertainment is booming and the competition gets tougher by the minute.

This makes it even more important to counteract this gold digger mentality with economically solid concepts, great ideas, decades of know-how and a passionate approach to the truth and beauty of live experiences.