Led by Gideon Berger and Stephen Gallagher, Block9 explore the space where art, music, theatre and politics collide, often through the construction of complete, immersive temporary realities. Our unique venues - Genosys, The NYC Downlow or The London Underground for example - are musical utopias where fantastical structures and narratives are built around specific musical genres, resulting in powerful immersive experiences.

Our work incorporates a wide range of disciplines, from live music and performance programming, through video, set and lighting design to creative consultancy and art direction.

We frequently partner with other musical and visual artists, directors, composers, choreographers and filmmakers to produce new work.

We are active in developing the skills of young people looking for careers in the arts. Since 2010 we have partnered with organisations and institutions to deliver mentoring and educational programmes including experience design, technical theatre, video art, film-making, drama and creative production.