UK Music

UK Music is an industry-funded body, established in October 2008, to represent the collective interests of the recorded, published and live arms of the British music industry. 

Through collective representation, UK Music promotes the interests of record labels and music publishers (major and independent), songwriters, composers, lyricists, musicians, managers, producers, promoters, venues and collection societies.

Through member engagement we ensure a collective voice across the sector is identified.  Through lobbying we ensure that voice is heard.  

  • UK Music exists to guide policy makers towards decision-making in the best interests of our sector and the best collective interests of our membership, now and for the future.
  • UK Music represents and promotes the interests of every part of the British music industry.
  • UK Music publishes research on the economic value of the music industry (Measuring Music) and the value of music tourism – domestic and overseas (Wish You Were Here) to the UK economy.
  • UK Music works to ensure that the copyright, which underpins music, is recognised and valued at all levels of Government, throughout the wider economy and by consumers.
  • UK Music runs the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Music. 
  • UK Music set up a Skills Academy and administers a music apprenticeship scheme.
  • UK Music represents its members through lobbying, education and research work.