After many years of research and development, SonoSuite reached the market in 2017 with a  flexible, scalable and affordable digital music distribution solution.
SonoSuite has been empowering media creators around the world to interact with a global audience. Our leading interface for independent content owners, record labels and distributors allows them to create, exchange and access their music and related data anywhere, anytime. Our Software is developed in our main offices in Barcelona, Spain where a dedicated team works continuously to improve SonoSuite and add new features, staying on top of the latest developments in the Digital Music Business.
SonoSuite Barcelona, Spain
Nov 24, 2020
Full time
We empower our product managers to solve hard problems – customer problems and business problems – in ways that our customers love, yet work for our business.  Our product development teams are cross-functional and durable, generally comprised of a product manager, a team lead, and several engineers. The product manager will report directly to the CPO and work closely with the team lead. We staff our teams with the skills necessary to come up with effective solutions that are valuable (our customers choose to buy or use), viable (the solution works within the many constraints of the business), usable (the user can figure out how to use) and feasible (our engineers have the skills and technology to implement). While the product designer is accountable for ensuring the solution is usable, and the engineers are accountable for ensuring the solution is feasible, the product manager is accountable for ensuring the solution is both valuable and viable.  This...