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The Glossary: Application Developer at Resident Advisor | James Yorke

What does an application developer do ?

Writing code for iOS and Android applications. Making ideas come to life, in a tech related way. 

What makes a great application developer? 

Thinking logically, jumping in at the deep end and being able to Google, well.

What are the basic professional requirements for a successful application developer? 

It can be a steep learning curve to begin with, so it’s good to have either a degree or qualification from some form of software development/engineering course. Beyond that, being methodical in your approach and your ability to comfortably share knowledge and work with other developers strike me as the most important professional skills to have.

What are the common misconceptions about the role of an application developer? 

That we can do all the design work as well as the coding. I also get the impression that people think it probably just takes a few days to knock up an app, in reality it would take a team of people working on back-end and front-end areas of a product