Software Engineer - TypeScript (m/f/d)

  • flowkey GmbH, Alt-Moabit 103, 10559 Berlin, VAT-ID DE293912857
  • Hybrid (Berlin, Germany)
  • Sep 26, 2023
Full time App Development Software Engineer

Job Description

Who we are

Most people dream of being able to play a musical instrument. We develop outstanding products that enable anyone to achieve this dream. Our first product is flowkey: a revolutionary app for learning to play the piano. After our launch in 2015, flowkey quickly became one of the global leaders in its category, with more than 5 million users from over 100 countries. We are also one of the exceptions in the startup world, as we have been profitable from the beginning. This enabled us to go our own way and create a great culture.

Why join us

We believe that the best companies will help you live your life the way you want and become the person you want to be. Here is how we strive to do that:

  • Flexible working hours: We only schedule a few fixed meetings every week—you're free to arrange the rest of your time in the way that best suits you.
  • Remote work—and a beautiful office: We’ve found that it makes a difference whether we see each other in person or through a screen. That’s why we’ve put much love into designing our beautiful and spacious office in Berlin. At the same time, we deeply value freedom so we’ve set up our collaboration in a way that enables us to work from anywhere.
  • Shared success: We distribute part of the company's annual profits among the whole team, on top of a competitive salary. This way everyone shares in our continuous business growth.
  • Support for your growth: If you want to learn a new language, attend a conference, or pursue other self-development goals, we'll cover the costs—up to €2,500 per year.
  • Love of music and a piano for your home: Whatever style of music you enjoy, you’re sure to find like-minded people among us. And you’ll get your own piano to play at home.

Your role and responsibilities

As a Software Engineer at flowkey, you will work alongside our world-class team on a diverse, modern tech stack. Together, we will create wide-reaching impact throughout our organization and for millions of users around the world.

Much of flowkey’s ecosystem is written in TypeScript, and that will be your focus: our web app, website, data servers, internal content management tools, and even large parts of our mobile app (thanks to React Native). You will also have opportunities to learn and work with Swift and Rust, both natively and compiled to Wasm.

You will thrive in this role if you love diving deep into modern web and server technologies, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on each platform, with a keen eye for rendering and load-time performance.

We want to share with you our passion for innovation, curiosity, and learning. We encourage all team members to focus on areas that interest and excite them the most, and actively foster self-responsibility, self-direction, experimentation and growth.



  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience and accomplishments
  • Above-average problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Proficiency in TypeScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Proficiency in at least one of: Swift, cloud services, and/or CI/CD/QA
  • Familiarity with server-side JavaScript (node.js, express.js) and databases
  • Willingness to learn by doing, think creatively, and work with unproven solutions and/or incomplete knowledge
  • Eagerness to learn through a feedback culture and share knowledge with the team


  • React + Redux, mongoDB, GraphQL
  • Experience with iOS and/or Android development
  • Familiarity with CI/CD and AWS
  • Passion for music
  • Active interest in contributing to open source

Experience in any particular technology or process is far less important to us than the ability to learn quickly, turn ideas into solid code, and easily ramp up in new areas.

We warmly encourage engineers from underrepresented backgrounds to apply, even if they feel unsure about meeting every job requirement.

An application for one Engineering position is automatically considered for all others. The details of your future role will be tailored specifically to your individual skillset, experience, knowledge, growth, and eventual ownership of code, features, and projects.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Salary Range