F&B Director

  • Elsewhere
  • 599 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Aug 04, 2022
Full time Hospitality

Job Description


599 Johnson Avenue #1 Brooklyn, NY 11237


 Food and Beverage Director

About the Companies:

Elsewhere is a multi-room Brooklyn music venue and nightclub built by and for the culture-obsessed, managed in part by our sister promotions company PopGun Presents - an events collective with deep roots in NYC's underground music community. We are here to empower artists, celebrate the diversity of our city, widen access to visionary and uplifting culture, and experience the joy of doing it all together.

If you share our passion for music and art without boundaries, and you're looking for the challenge of your career, we want to connect with you - join us and grow with one of the best teams in independent arts, hospitality, events, and culture.

Job Description

 The Food and Beverage Director position reports to the Elsewhere COO and will manage all aspects of Food and Beverage offerings at Elsewhere, including strategy, operations, vendor management, and cost controls, with a focus on sales strategy.


 The F&B Director will be responsible for carrying out the following essential functions, including, but not limited to:


  •  Regularly ordering all alcohol
  • Provide bar supplies list to Property Manger weekly to add to venue orders
  • POS proficiency and upkeep as it relates to the bar (including product menu and reporting)
  •  Ensuring insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are adhered to as they relate to bar service and the food program.
  • Working closely with the AGM and Private Events director to consult on Beer and Liquor packages and special product requests for private events. This may also include placing special orders and providing the product.
  •  Provide support to AGM and hospitality Manager for all hospitality program requests.
  • Notify the General Manager and Facilities team of any repairs and maintenance work needed for the bars and food truck.
  • Take existing pop-up Food Program and develop a long-term Food Program including hiring and managing food program staff.


  • Regularly run product mix reports and monitor liquor cost percentage
  • Review and analyze bar data to identify top sellers, products to discontinue, and monitor waste
  •  Develop sales strategies for increasing bar revenue. This may include but is not limited to specialty cocktails, limited time offers, collaborations.
  • Build and maintain brand relationships, secure product support and track through completion.
  • Develop strategy and set financial targets for brand support goals with COO and CEO
  •  Develop sales strategies for the Food Program.  


  • Recruit and train new bar staff when necessary
  • Provide staff conflict resolutions in a positive and effective manner when necessary
  • Ensure compliance with all company Workplace Standards to maintain a strong work environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and poor performance
  •  Develop strategies for better workplace efficiency and communication
  • Work with bar staff to limit product waste, optimize serve speed and efficiency and increase customer experience. 


  •  Possess extensive knowledge in purchasing of all types of beverages, inventory management, and cost and controls of beverages
  • Has complete knowledge of food and beverage operations encompassing high volume bars and their regulations, and restaurant dining
  • Has experience building and maintaining relationships with both liquor distributors and brand representatives.
  •  Has experience assessing, negotiating, implementing, and maintaining beverage brand support.  


You’ll be successful in this role if you have…

  • Extremely organized and detail oriented while working in a fast-paced environment,         sometimes under pressure
  •  Able to work independently and proactively
  • Excel at critical problem solving
  • Able to handle confidential information with a high level of professionalism and discretion
  • Great interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with staff at all levels
  •  Proactive, flexible and a strong decision-making ability
  •  Experience working with a team in a fast-paced setting.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  •  Experience in consulting and operations
  •  Strong interpersonal skills and a knack for productive collaboration across varying                departments
  • Detail-oriented and data-driven
  • Able to successfully organize, lead and direct large teams of people
  • Possess an encouraging, can-do attitude
  •  Effective manager
  • Impeccable time management and multi-tasking skills
  •  Business-minded and a strategic planner
  •  Proven problem solver who can make clear-headed decisions while under pressure
  • Ability to analyze and compile large sets of data and present effective reports
  • Highly experienced with project coordinating and management
  • Self-motivated and self-sufficient
  • Proven creative thinker with strong business acuity


You’ll love your time at Elsewhere because…

  •  We believe in what we do, and foster a culture of respect (for all music & people), passion, and excellence
  •  You will work with teammates that are the best in the culture & events business
  • You will be on the cutting edge of music, enabling emerging culture to thrive
  • We are building a long-term business, that can support long-term careers in our Industry


Compensation and Benefits

·        Salary depending on experience

·        Medical, dental, and vision benefits

·        Commuter benefits

·        401k

·        Unlimited Vacation



Elsewhere’s Values

These values are real and guide all of our decisions in how we operate and how we treat people. This includes our decisions to hire, reward, and fire. Every single person at Elsewhere will be held to these standards. This is how we build a great team, achieve our goals, and do so enjoyably.


Respect for all people, music, and ideas – be open-minded. Elsewhere is no place for hatred or discrimination for any kind, as a workplace or as a venue. This standard applies to everyone, not just staff, including artists, audiences, investors, etc.


Inclusivity: We believe that music and people should not be siloed, and that Elsewhere is best enjoyed when we are all together.


Creativity: We support creativity on stage but we are also creative as a company. It is better to take a smart creative risk and fail than to avoid taking creative risks at all.


Service: Go above and beyond in doing what is best for our artists and for our audiences so they can have an incredible event. You might do this every day, but for them, this event might be a very rare and special occasion.


Excellence: We are values-driven but performance-oriented.Work smart over hard, but do the hard things when you need to instead of just what’s easy.


Integrity: You are honest, genuine, trustworthy, and reliable. Your colleagues, our artists, our audiences, and our community can all rely on you. Admit your mistakes and strive to improve


Communication: Your personal performance is very important, but you cannot accomplish great things alone. Great teams require great communication.


Passion: You care intensely about music, your work, your colleagues, our artists, our audiences, and our community. Your passion drives not just you, but inspires those around you


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