Customer Happiness Associate / DJ Equipment Specialist (Latin America, Remote)

  • The DJ Hookup
  • Remote (Latin America)
  • Nov 17, 2023
Full time Customer Service e-Commerce

Job Description



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Your Mission

Deliver 5⭐️ "WOW" with every support interaction.

Create experiences so remarkable that DJs and producers can't wait to leave positive reviews, send friends and come back for more.

What You'll Do

  • Work full-time from anywhere in the world with stable internet.
    Standard 9-6 CST M-F schedule (40 hours/week + 5 hours lunch)
  • Join The DJ Squad - our internal team of DJs!
  • Master support communications (phone, chat and email) to build deep trust with customers.
  • Offer specific, effective solutions for each issue
  • Stay on top of issues that need follow-up until resolved to customers' satisfaction
  • Turn frustrated customers into raving fans
  • Earn positive reviews
  • Coordinate between team members and manufacturers' representatives to deliver customer results.
  • Document support actions clearly for organizational transparency
  • Execute return processes
  • Document support costs
  • Be an internal advocate for customer concerns and happiness
  • Become a master of DJ gear, staying on top of trends and technology.
  • Demonstrate growth potential from day one, bringing unique skills and a proactive attitude to learning and self-improvement.

Why You'd Be Great for This Role (Qualifications)

  • You're a DJ who is passionate about helping DJs. Alternatively, you're a sound engineer, music producer or generally conversant in DJ gear and can answers most questions with a Google search.

  • You're playing to win. For you, this is a career, not just a job. You're eager to advance via self-improvement, hard work and contribution to something bigger than yourself.

  • Problem solving = ❤️. You hate empty words. You love real results. You seek to understand fully, think and act quickly, and deliver solutions that bring customers peace and gratitude, not frustration and dread.

  • You’re patient and empathetic. You understand that everyone has their own story. You meet them where they are. You lead them somewhere better.

  • You get things done. You're organized, pay attention to detail, and see projects to completion, not just initiation.

  • Your English is great (college-level, written and spoken).

  • You’re trainable and reliable. You learn processes and produce predictable results so we can serve 1,000s of DJs and producers every year.

  • You’re adaptable and flexible. You're excited by a growing, fast-changing environment. You embrace new situations, tools and processes.

  • You're technologically competent. You're comfortable with digital tools (e.g. Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) and can competently use your laptop for work.

  • You love this $#*4. You'd be reading/watching videos about dj gear even if you didn't get paid for it.

  • You're ready to go! You're able to start training part-time right away.

What Sets You Apart (Preferred Qualities)

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • 0-3 Years of Customer Facing Experience. Looking forward to additional training.
  • Experience in sales/business development, community management, social media or other online marketing/e-commerce skills.

Your Team (About Us)

The DJ Hookup is the highest customer-rated DJ retailer online (4.9/5⭐, 7,000+ customer reviews since 2010)

We've been called the #1 place to buy DJ controllers.

How? We're obsessed with customer experience and contribution to the DJ and music production communities.

We use humanity to create "5⭐️WOW" experiences.
We use technology to deliver them at scale.
We get more done than companies 10x our size.

We're a lean team of ambitious, growth-minded A-players.
We work hard to make The DJ Hookup a gift to the global DJ community.
In return, The DJ Hookup supports us in achieving our goals and ambitions.

Our brand is tech savvy, innovative and “cool.”
We're current while respecting the culture and tradition of our craft.

If you'd like to do meaningful work that makes DJs & producers happy, The DJ Hookup is the place to do it.

What Awaits You (Compensation & Benefits)

#1. Locally competitive compensation, depending on experience and qualifications.

Additionally -

  • Get paid in USD (take advantage of a decade of increasing exchange rates)
  • Factory pricing on our entire catalog of top DJ/pro-audio brands
  • Paid time off and flexible local holidays
  • The Super Power Program: A self-directed education budget to develop your passions and interests into superpowers
  • BPM Supreme/BPM Latino record pool membership
  • Access to Digital DJ Tips course library
  • Variety of training with leading DJ/music production equipment manufacturers
  • Join “The DJ Squad,” our internal team of DJs
  • Location independence, provided no disruptions in reliability
  • Active support, coaching and mentorship towards achieving career goals, not just daily responsibilities

Your Future (Opportunities for Advancement)

We believe in meritocracy and rewarding team members who contribute and invest in themselves.

If you put in the effort to master a skill, we'll do our best to help you find a home for it at The DJ Hookup.

The Customer Happiness role will give you exposure to a variety of departments and functions in our company. As you learn our business, demonstrate your abilities and clarify your skills and interests, you can progress to a variety of roles in the company.

Some career paths may include Customer Happiness Leadership, Inside Sales, Outside Sales/Business Development, Community Management, Special Projects, Partnership Development, Media and more!


"What I'd Tell Myself When I Was Applying..."


The DJ Hookup is unique, not only for our customers, but for our colleagues as well.

If you’re passionate about DJing/producing and professional growth, this position is for you. With a team committed to providing the absolute best service possible, evolving individually and together, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy every single day.

Arturo, Customer Happiness Trainee, Class of May '21.

Today: Sales Associate + Product Specialist





✍️ How to Apply

Please send an email with subject line "Customer Happiness Associate Q4 23" to and

Inside, please answer the following 9 prompts:

NOTE REGARDING AI TOOLS: While you're welcome to use AI tools on the job, we don't recommend doing so for this application.

If your verbal English doesn't match your written skills on the first interview, you'll be disqualified.

  1. Name and phone number (Include Skype ID if you don't use Whatsapp)

  2. Available times and days for initial interview in the next 7 days

  3. How did you hear about this position, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, other websites or referral? (If you were referred, please list that person so we can send them their referral bonus if you get hired!)

  4. Confirm that you're available 9-6 CST, Mon-Fri (1 hours for lunch + additional breaks daily). If you have any schedule flexibility (e.g. available to work nights/weekends) please let us know.

  5. A paragraph or 2 about why you’re interested in and feel you're qualified for this role. Address qualifications listed above.

  6. Please write a response to these sample Support Tickets, as if you were responding to a customer. This is an assessment of your communication skills and problem solving approach.
  • “Hello, I just got my DJ equipment faster than expected. Thanks so much! You really went above and beyond to help me get my gear on time. I will definitely recommend you to my DJ friends”

  • “Hey, I hate to say this, but my equipment came after Christmas and I won't be needing it anymore. You guys left me without a gift to put under the tree for my son. Very disappointed. I need to return this asap.”

  • “Hey , I order a controller case a month ago... i know it was back ordered but you guys told me max 2-3 weeks to ship. Can I know when will it be available?”
We invest in people who invest in themselves. What do you spend your free time learning/developing your skills in? What books, audiobooks, blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, or online courses have you completed in the past year?

Desired salary (include salary of last position if unsure).

Include resume/CV or LinkedIn. If recent graduate, include your GPA (required) and transcript (optional).

Applications must address all 9 prompts for consideration!


Know Somebody Who'd Be Perfect?
We'll pay you $250 USD for an intro!

We're committed to hiring A-players only.

But A-players are hard to find, so we need your help.

If you know an A-player who'd be perfect for this role, send them this listing and encourage them to apply now.

Ask your A-player to include your name and email in their application. If we hire him/her, we'll send you $250 as a thank you!
($125 upon hiring + $125 upon successful 3-month review)

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