Editorial Assistant

  • Resident Advisor
  • London, UK
  • Nov 07, 2019
Part time Admin Journalism

Job Description

Time: 4 days a week (2 year fixed term)

This role exists to ensure the Editor-in-Chief excels in leading and managing the team. Your day-to-day work will directly support the delivery of strategically valuable content. 

The Editorial Assistant deals with all aspects of RA's editorial output and the organisation of its editorial team. The role is crucial to maintaining organisation and processes across the team, keeping the team on track towards its annual objectives. 

The day-to-day aspects of the role centre on content production. The Editorial Assistant works with senior editorial staff, the design department and the Social Media team to help produce RA's features, films, podcasts, social media campaigns, event picks and playlists. They manage photo shoots and podcast assets, and form a link between cross-departmental stakeholders, ensuring the smooth running of projects. Another key aspect of the role is helping to shape RA's output through discussions with the senior editorial team and monitoring RA's output, ensuring that the site's content and its writing staff are healthily diverse. 

Job Duties:

Operational (Internal Support):

  • Facilitating internal communication, distributing information and scheduling meetings/agendas. 

  • Managing monday.com, the project management software related to features and films.

  • Coordinating RA Exchanges

  • Raising POs for Editorial freelancer invoices through Netsuite and resolving payment issues with Payables

  • Compiling links and embeds for Best Music features

  • Uploading and maintaining playlists 

  • Assisting with RA's playlists to ensure the team hits its monthly content targets. 

  • Oversee organisation of critics roundtables and editorial away days

  • Assisting editorial team with research and transcriptions.

  • Managing the editorial team’s travel and holidays calendar

  • Writing London and UK Picks; maintaining Picks Google form

  • Managing local newsletters.

  • Liaising with finance team to assist in editorial and film budgeting 

Content (Output):

  • Assisting the wider team with the production of features, podcasts and films, including audio readings, translations, etc

  • Two news shifts per week

  • Working with Social Media Manager/Team on strategy and content delivery

  • Helping coordinate campaigns for features and videos on social media.

  • Ad-hoc writing contributions in team-wide content projects.

Required experience:

  • Previous experience within an editorial team or within electronic music publications is preferred but not essential

  • The ability to meet hard deadlines

Our Values:

  • Our passion is our profession.

  • We are independent and we support independence.

  • We support local scenes.

  • We treat dance music as an art form.

  • We champion the values of acceptance that underpin dance music culture.

  • We care about the past, present and future of electronic music.

  • We choose honesty over gain.

  • We're always front left

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