Frills GmbH

FRILLS is an artist agency based in Berlin, representing DJs and live acts such as Butch, Parallx, Tom Trago, Vendex, Obscure Shape, and more. 

We forge and nurture relationships with electronic music artists based on trust, friendship, integrity, honesty, transparency and loyalty. Our primary focus is to help artists develop their profiles and personalities by providing customised holistic concepts and services but with a different approach. 

We love to be successful, and by following the fundamental principle of "artist first," we are only successful if we reach our artists' objectives. Artists can entirely rely on us. Ultimately, we are family, and through our ability to connect and understand like-minded individuals, we can support artists in living their dreams. 

We have access to an international company network in the music entertainment industry and global markets, but we live in the so-called underground house and techno world. With all its subtleties and nuances, marketing is an essential part of our strategy. We know how sensitive it has to be in the electronic music world not to lose authenticity. We are well-practised in knowing how to build a buzz without losing integrity. We preserve artists' credibility by exercising a level of self-awareness with no compromises. We combine a high level of knowledge and experience in all fields of the music business with a strong understanding of the needs of the underground scene. We understand artists and know how to develop their profiles and personalities whilst never forgetting the values of the electronic music culture we all represent. 

Our crew creates long-term strategies to define and achieve their career goals step by step. We work to raise awareness, grow audiences and build lasting and meaningful profiles and brands through dynamic development, whilst being sensitive to the fast-changing pace of music and entertainment culture. We want to inspire artists to be better and realise their full potential. We engage the strengths of our entire crew: our creativity, our business experience, our network, and our expertise. We live and breathe the music we work for and are responsible for preserving and respecting the culture we live for. 


We do artist development, and that's what we say when people ask what Frills is about. 

But there's more to it than that. We believe that booking management, marketing & PR, and business affairs management are essential elements of an artist development strategy. And to be efficient, they need to be coordinated with one another. We do artist management, but we do not have anyone in the role of an "artist manager" in our crew. All concepts and strategies for our artists are defined by all our experts together. They are all playing their part, working hand-in-hand to achieve the goals of our artists. Everyone contributes to an integrated effort; everyone supports each other; everyone knows what the other one is doing all the time. The whole Frills crew is in touch daily and pulls on the same string. Every member of our crew is an artist manager; we collectively create long-term strategies with a holistic approach. 

We do not focus on selling shows, pitching for interviews, or closing the next big business deal. We do not think in such small steps. We see the bigger picture: We build artist profiles and help create demand for the artist — and all the rest will follow by itself.



We want to be surrounded by lovely people only. We are very tolerant, but if someone is entirely at odds with our idealistic spirit, ethical standards, and social values, we reject working with such a person. Respect our crew and respect the world we live in. It's just not worth it to waste time with people that are not good for you.


We are responsible for this world and try our best to make it a better place. We pay attention to the ecological and social aspects of our work. We are far from perfect; there's still room for improvement, but we learn from our mistakes daily. Sustainability is about all the little steps you take. 


We are not a non-profit organisation and far from being a charity, but we do not act regardless of the consequences. We believe in a solidarity-based economy where people count. It's great to make money with our work, and it's super nice to spend it on dinners with friends and family, for example. However, it's definitely not all about money. 


We do not work FOR artists but WITH artists. We are equal partners and contribute and participate in joint projects. Our relationships are based on transparency, honesty, reliability and loyalty. We build trust through total transparency. We are in this together. Artists are not clients but family.